True confessions and using the cloud

Ugh. My computer crashed. My fairly new (13 months) old laptop up and died a couple of weeks ago. I tried a couple of things on my own to get it going again, then got one of our technologists at work to try to retrieve my data for me, but to no avail. I’m afraid it’s a hardware issue. Yes, I most likely could stay on the phone with tech support and dismantle it and wait for parts, but that sounds like a lot of work. It IS a lot of work. And more work than I have time to deal with these days. In the interim, I’ve neglected you!

I know that I can access this blog and post from pretty much anywhere, including a rented computer in an internet café in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. But for some reason I just could not bring myself to log in and get going again. But here I am, ready to go! Just know that if your computer crashes, you aren’t alone. Usually your data can be recovered, but it’s a good thing to keep it backed up. Most of mine was backed up.

This is also a good time to quickly mention cloud storage. If you don’t know what cloud storage is, here’s a great little video created by my friend Tim Wayne.

I would not recommend storing information of a highly personal and/or sensitive nature in the cloud, but it’s quite useful for storing documents that perhaps you don’t want store on your computer at work AND your computer at home, but you *may* have to access it at one place or the other for a quick update or to send it to someone.  For example, it’s very useful for storing your résumé. I keep a copy of my goals there, so that I can check in and refer to them anytime from any place. You can also use the cloud for collaboration. Since I usually work alone I don’t have much use for that function, but it is good to know it exists.  There are several cloud storage sites available. I use which is a smallish start-up. They offered 50 GB of free storage so I took them up on it.  Another popular option is Dropbox. There are plenty of others, just search on “cloud storage” and you’ll find several options.

I guess this proves that I can be just as much of a technophobe as the next person. I was literally cringing at the thought of logging into this blog from a different computer, and it was of course, ridiculously simple to do. Sometimes I think that’s all it takes from us – a willingness to just type something and hit the enter key.  I think some of us – people from my generation, the BOOMers!, were given dire warnings way back when – when we first started using PC’s. We were told that if we hit this button or that button, that we’d wipe out the entire machine, which understandably made us a bit nervous. The likelihood of that happening today is pretty slim. I encourage you to start playing around and attempting things. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you become proficient!

Namaste. Lori

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